Highly-marketable Supplement Formulas are Ready for You
You concentrate on doing what you do best – marketing and selling, and contract out the rest to Nutrizone.
Manufacturing Services for Your Exclusive Formulas
A company that does its best with advanced technology
Nutrizone is a company specializing in the development of health functional foods and functional raw materials. We are fully committed to quality with advanced technology and production facilities.


Superior Quality Products

Combining best-in-class equipment with knowledgeable and a committed workforce,
Nutrizone manufactures a wide range of superior quality products in a variety of forms for our customers including solid tablets, softgels, capsules and powders.

Implementing verification and validation throughout every step of production while keeping the records of every internal and external test, we can guarantee that we are sending out the highest quality products possible in the industry.
Nutrizone believes that quality is not just an obligation; it is our standard operating procedure.

Quality Assurance
Environmentally Friendly

Nutrizone is an environmentally friendly New Zealand based leader in contract manufacturing for the dietary supplements industry that was created to promote and support the ongoing health and wellbeing of individuals and communities worldwide.

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12 Cape Hill Road Pukekohe  Auckland 2120

Tel: 09 265 1000  l  Fax no : 265 1010


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