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Nutrizone is a certified manufacturer by Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) of New Zealand. We have excellent manufacturing facilities and comply with the manufacturing process and quality control standards required by MPI. We produce excellent dietary supplements with abundant production technology experience.
Manufacture design production method
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)
Custom-made production method
We can safely manufacture the ingredients and the contents of your choice with the know-how and competitive price of Nutrizone.
ODM(Original Development & Design Manufacturing)
Based on our know-how, we will deliver the products developed and produced to our customers. Customers can concentrate on the sales network and minimize the opportunity cost for development and manufacturing.

We promise that you will experience best-in-class capsule manufacturing service from the moment you contact 

Nutrizone has gone through years of explosive growth since we first started offering contract tablet

Supplements in powder form can be mixed into shakes, juices, or liquids. For those who have difficulty swallowing pills, they can choose powdered versions of supplements ...

​Quality Management(Q.C)
Nutrizone has state-of-the-art facilities and hygiene facilities. We comply with the quality control standards of New Zeland Food Control Plan (FCP) and New Zealand Risk Management Programme (RMP).
Manufacturing quality
Service quality
Design quality
Quality Management System
Nutrizone has a wide range of quality control facilities, from raw materials to finished product shipments. Nutrizone is leading the trend in health functional foods beyond meeting customer satisfaction and market changes. Nutrizone, an environmentally-friendly New Zealand-based company, continues to provide high quality products that meet stringent standards of New Zeland Food Control Plan (FCP) and New Zealand Risk Management Programme (RMP).
We have a production system that can always produce homogeneous products with standardized manuals.
Production Formulation and Process
Product Type
Health functional food, general food, food additives
Packing type
PTP packing, bottle packing pouch packing
Tablets, granules soft capsules, hard capsules liquids, powders
Nutrizone's Quality Management System
We have carefully selected the highest grade raw materials from New Zealand and all over the world, and based on our long-time expertise, 
we are manufacturing and producing safely in order to be certified as the highest functional dietary supplement.
Work Place Management
Quality Management System
  • Raw materials, finished products, and test warehouses are separated and managed separately.

Storage facilities

Quality management facility

  • Aseptic facility (Clean Bench) with sterile conditions

  • isinfection and control before entering the clean room)

  • Waste treatment facility operation

  • Manufacturing facilities and appliances are easy to clean and are arranged to be free from contamination from other manufacturing processes.

  • The part that comes into contact with the health functional foods should not alter the health functional foods and check beforehand whether the materials are harmful to the human body.

  • Semi-finished product room that can store semi-finished products during manufacturing process so that quality is not affected

Manufacturing facility

Box Vinyl Packaging Machine

Equipment to guarantee the vinyl compression of the produced product

Equipment to pack raw materials in powder or granular form into a stick-shaped outer packaging material

Capsule filling machine

Equipment to heat the film to form the pattern after manufacturing the pattern

PTP blister