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Nutrizone is an environmentally friendly New Zealand based leader in contract manufacturing for dietary supplements industry that was created to promote and support ongoing health and wellbeing of individuals and communities worldwide.

We take pride in manufacturing and delivering innovative and trustworthy dietary supplement products of such unimpeachable quality and worth for some of the largest and most respected supplement retailers and distributors in the world.

We provide not only exceptional quality supplements to our clients, but also provide premium solutions that are beyond their needs. With a team of dedicated professionals and advanced facilities standing behind our products, we are constantly striving to improve everyday to stay ahead of the curve.

About Nutrizone

Our Vision

With our passin for non-stop innovation, Nutrizone will continuously create unique health & wellness products in advance of demand and lead trends in the dietary supplement industy.

Our Mission

Nutrizone will deliver the highest quality products and services for both our partners and their customers in order to help more people lead a healthier lifestyle. We guarantee our partners that they will be provided with a proactive suppoort which enables them to reduce risks, excel, grow and differentiate from their competitors.

We believe that our success is possible only if we do our utmost to make our customers successful.

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