You concentrate on doing what you do best – marketing and selling, and contract out the rest to Nutrizone

Nutrizone has the resources to make best-in-class quality supplement products your business needs. We can produce your customized product in a variety of forms: capsules, powders, softgels, and also tablets.

Nutrizone is dedicated to ensuring all the products manufactured at Nutrizone adhere to our strict qulaity control standards. All our products go through a rigorous testing and check process to ensure our customers receive the quality and reliability they expect from Nutrizone Biotech.

  1. raw material testing : We accept only the highest-quality materials from approved suppliers, given all available information and documents that certify the qulity and purity of the materials.

  2. pre-operational checks : Our staff check the operating environment prior to the start of production to make sure that there are no hazards present in the surrounding manufacturing environment or on the actual production line.

  3. in-process testing : During manufacturing process, a number of tests are conducted to ensure it is being manufactured to meet our customers’ exact specification, including granule/powder consistency and weight, tablet hardness, taste, and more.

  4. Independent laboratory analysis of finished products : Our third party laboratory tests finished products to ensure the products we manufacture meet label claim as well as all safety standanrds prior to being reased for sale.

  5. labeling checks : After a product disposition decision is made, our staff carry out a check to verify that the box label, package label, package and its contents meet the specifications exactly.

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