Our expertise is your advantage

We promise that you will experience best-in-class capsule manufacturing service from the moment you contact us. Nutrizone  accepts only the safest, highest-quality tested materials from approved suppliers to ensure freshness and consistency of our ingredients.  Not only that, the identity and potency of all ingredients are verified through our rigorous testing and inspection process before encapsulating. During production, semi-automatic filling machines work efficiently with the help of our dedicated operators in a facility with a controlled environment. You can rest assured, at all times, that we shall never compromise our commitment to quality of our products.

By combining our high-tech equipment, the highest quality ingredients, and rigorous testing procedures with well-trained experts, Nutrizone is constantly striving to provide our clients with innovative, quality capsule manufacturing service that exceeds their expectations.

At Nutrizone, we provide our clients with a variety of customizing options including the type (gelatin, vegetable-based, and more), size, and color to make their products uniquely theirs. Furthermore, we have the capacity to meet high-volume demands as well as accommodate small production runs in a reliable manner. Last but not least, we aim to keep lead times as short as possible so that you can go to market faster. We truly believe that our success is possible only if we do our utmost to make our customers successful.

If you would like to request a quote for our hard capsule manufacturing services, just Request a Quote and we will have a representative get back to you soon.

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