Nourishing and Great-tasting Powders

Supplements in powder form can be mixed into shakes, juices, or liquids. For those who have difficulty swallowing pills, they can choose powdered versions of supplements and drink them down. Powdered forms also make it easy to adjust your dose if you need to. For these reasons, the powdered supplement has gained popularity for its convenient and dynamic use in recipes.

Nutrizone provides unique blends of concentrated superfoods, sea minerals, herbs, sprouts, seeds and more.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy when you partner with us include:

  • By creating ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers, we guarantee that we only use fresh powders, sourced from premium suppliers. That means formulas made by Nutrizone  have the highest level of quality and safety for products of their kind.

  • All of our ingredients undergo our stringent quality control and raw materials testing procedures. Blend sampling and testing will be carried out to assure uniformity and homogeneity of powder mixes.

  • Our powder flavouring capabilities are unmatchable in the industry. Powders manufactured at Nutrizone are delicious as well as highly nutritious. This will help enhance the marketability of your powdered products.

  • Nutrizone has the resources to fully service your powder manufacturing project. We can help you design labels and package your powders in a variety of containers.

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